Seaside City Council May Vote to Waste Upwards of $250,000 of Taxpayer Money at This Thursday’s City Council Meeting.

2,431 Seaside voters have already told them how they feel!

Dear Seaside Concerned Resident,

We are reaching out to you once again because in early August you graciously heeded our call for support when you responded to our text message for help by automatically sending the Seaside City Council an email reminding them that the sale and use of State-Approved Fireworks have been permitted in Seaside for virtually half a century.  For the last decade alone, it has resulted in over $1 million in funding of critical programs delivered by Seaside nonprofit organizations each and every year.  In 2020, over $260,000 was raised that is being invested in youth sports, services, veterans, and community programs as a result of the sale of State-Approved Fireworks.  Without the revenue these groups generate each 4th of July through the sale of legal, State-Approved Fireworks these organizations would not be able to do what they do for our community.

You concluded your August email message by urging the City Council to consider the following:

  1. State-Approved Fireworks sold by the Seaside nonprofit organizations are not the problem in Seaside….Illegal fireworks are the problem!
  2. Banning the use of State-Approved Fireworks will not lead to less illegal fireworks, it will lead to more illegal fireworks!
  3. If you still have any doubts about how the community feels about this subject put the issue on the next regularly schedule ballot rather than banning the sale and use of State-Approved Fireworks now. Let the people tell you how they feel!

Unfortunately, three Councilmembers did not listen to your plea and they passed Ordinance #1095, an ordinance to ban the sale and use of State-Approved Fireworks in Seaside on August 20, 2020. The Seaside nonprofit organizations banded together and in just three short weeks, in the midst of all the COVID restrictions, circulated what is called a “Referendum Petition” for Seaside registered voters to sign in an effort to repeal Ordinance #1095.

On September 15, 2020 we submitted to the City Clerk our Referendum Petition with 2,431 signatures, well over 1,000 more voter signatures than we needed. A subsequent mandatory verification by the Monterey County Elections Office confirmed that we had far exceeded the number needed and on October 5th the City Clerk received a “Certificate of Sufficiency” from them which the City Council accepted on October 15th

According to the City Clerk’s Staff Report for this Thursday, November 5th, the City Council is now faced with making one of three mandatory choices:

  • Repealing Ordinance #1095 in its entirety, resulting in no cost to the taxpayers;
  • Placing the issue on a Special Election Ballot in 2021 at a cost to the taxpayers upwards of $250,000; or
  • Placing the issue on the November 2022 next Regular Municipal Election at a cost to the taxpayers of upwards of $112,000.

What Can You Do Now? 

If you support keeping State Fire Marshal-Approved Fireworks in Seaside, feel that 2,431 Seaside registered voters have already expressed the same opinion and want the City Council to instead focus on illegal fireworks, please click the “Respond Now” button below to automatically send an email to all members of the City Council that simply states the following: 

“As a resident of the City of Seaside, I am respectfully urging you to not spend upwards of $250,000 of taxpayer money to put the fireworks issue on any ballot. You have already heard from 2,431 of us! DO NOT DELAY! PLEASE VOTE THIS THURSDAY TO REPEAL ORDINANCE #1095 adopted on 8/20/20 and work with the Seaside nonprofit organizations, neighborhood organizations and the fireworks wholesalers to solve Seaside’s illegal fireworks problem.”

Thank you for kind consideration and anticipated prompt response by clicking here to Respond Now and send the City Council the above message.


Ken Fittro
Seaside Aquatics
Pastor Fred Meeks
The Carpenter’s House


Thank you for sharing your support for State Fire Marshal-Approved Fireworks in Seaside.